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Feda, Feda, Agder 4485, Norway
Tap to call (+47) 97132728
1,200.00kr - 600.00kr Kystled Haugelandstrand Feda, Feda, Agder, 4485, Norway (+47) 97132728 1 Main building 1 Family cabin Family cabin 8 Main building 16
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Property description


Haugelandstrand is located in a small bay on the west side of the Feda fjord. This is one of the first places to become inhabited in the district, and findings from the Early Stone Age have been made here. There have been made two new, but old style buildings. As Haugelandstrand can be reached both from sea and land, it is ideal for shorter or longer excursions. The largest building (Main Cabin) is furthest inland, and has 8 beds, separate toilet and a small kitchen. The building closest to the sea, the Family Cabin, has 4 beds. All beds can be extended to become 120cm wide.

Room types

600.00kr to 1,200.00kr
Main building
300.00kr to 600.00kr
Family cabin

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Area activities

Bading, fiske, grilling, tursti.

Det går sti opp til Haugeland og videre mot Sandsheia og Dyreknuten.

Check in times

Arrival after 15.00, departure within 11.00.

Driving directions

Haugelandstrand ligger på vestsiden av Fedafjorden i Kvinesdal.

Nærmeste småbåthavn er på Feda.

Nærmeste parkering for bil er på parkeringsplassen i sørenden av Langevann. Avkjøring fra E39 i toppen av Fosselandstunnellen, avkjøringen er skiltet mot Fosseland. Fra Langevann må man gå på grusvei (privat bomvei) til Haugeland, og deretter sti fra Haugeland ned til Haugelandstrand. Det er skiltet til Haugelandstrand fra parkeringsplassen ved Langevann.

Det er også mulig å gå fra Sande på Feda og over Sandsheia og eventuelt over Dyreknuten til Haugelandstrand. En lengre, men flott tur. Parkeringsplass i Skjærgårdspark-området på Sande.


Other transport

Policies & disclaimers


The cabins are self-catering, and are only being attended once in a while. That means that you need to tidy and clean before you leave. Everyone needs to take responsibility for keeping the cabins clean.


The cabins can be rented all year. As they are built in an old style, and not insulated, one should avoid the coldest periods.


The Main Cabin has 8 beds, while the Family Cabin has 4 beds. The beds can be extended to 120cm wide, so that one adult and one child, or two very good friends, can share one bed.


Smoking is not permitted in the cabins.

Disabled access

If you arrive by boat the Family Cabin will be accessible for wheelchair users.

Max persons

The Main Cabin can take 16 persons, (8 beds that are 120cm wide) while the Family Cabin can take 8 persons (4 beds that are 120cm wide).

Key-safes are located on each cabin. Once your booking is completed and paid online, you will receive an email with the code.
















-       Note! There is no drinking water, so please bring yourself.

-       Seperate toilet at the Main Cabin. Bring toilet paper.

-       Woodstove. Wood is found in the toilet (only for indoor use).

-       Fully equipped kitchen. Bring towel/cloth.

-       Mattresses in the cabins. Bring sleeping bag. There are no pillows or duvets in the cabins.


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Family cabin - Family cabin

Familiehytta med plass til inntil 8 personer

Max people: 8
Main building - Main building

Hovedbygget med plass til inntil 16 personer

Max people: 16